Through Knowledge And Growth We Can Give


Through Knowledge And Growth We Can Give

                               The Lion and The Rabbits ( Download Audio File)

  A cruel lion lived in the forest. Every day, he killed and ate a lot of animals. The other animals were afraid the lion would kill them all.

  The animals told the lion, “Let’s make a deal. If you promise to eat only one animal each day, then one of us will come to you every day. Then you don’t have to hunt and kill us.”

  The plan sounded well thought-out to the lion, so he agreed, but he also said, “ If you don’t come every day, I promise to kill all of you the next day!”

   Each day after that, one animal went to the lion so that the lion could eat it. Then, all the other animals were safe.

  Finally, it was the rabbit’s turn to go to the lion. The rabbit went very slowly that day, so the lion was angry when the rabbit finally arrived. The lion angrily asked the rabbit, “Why are you late?”

“ I was hiding from another lion in the forest. That lion said he was the king, so I was afraid.” The lion told the rabbit, “ I am the only king here! Take me to that other lion, and I will kill him.

The rabbit replied, “ I will be happy to show you where he lives.” The rabbit led the lion to an old well in the middle of the forest. The well was very deep with water at the bottom. The rabbit told the lion, “Look in there. The lion lives at the bottom.”

When the lion looked in the well, he could see his own face in-the water. He thought that was the other lion. Without waiting another moment, the lion jumped into the well to attack the other lion. He never came out.

All of the other animals in the forest were very pleased with the rabbit’s clever trick.

Answer the questions.

1. What is this story about?

a. How a clever rabbit tricked a cruel lion

b. How rabbits learned to hide from lions

c. How a rabbit pleased an angry lion

d. How to be safe when you hunt in the forest

2. What did all the animals say to the lion?

a. They said they wanted him to be their king.

b. They said that the rabbit would be there in a moment.

c. They said that they would allow him to eat one of them a day.

d. They said that they would hide at the bottom of the well.

3. Why did the rabbit take the lion to the well in the middle of the forest?

a. So a lot of animals could see the rabbit walking with the lion

b. So the lion could attack the “other” lion

c. So the lion could drink water

d. So the other animals would be afraid of the rabbit

4. Which of the following is true at the end of the story?

a. The lion attacked another lion, and they both got hurt.

b. The lion cannot reply to the rabbit, so the rabbit wins.

c. The lion finally dies.

d. The lion is pleased by the rabbit’s words, so it does not eat the rabbit.

5. What did the lion see when it looked in the well?


To hunt is to look for or search for an animal to kill.

 Long ago, people hunted with bows and arrows.


A lot means a large number or amount of people, animals, things, etc.

There are a lot of apples in the basket.


The middle of something is the center or halfway point.

The Canadian flag has a maple leaf in the middle of it.


A moment is a second or a very short time.

I was only a few moments late for the meeting.


When someone is pleased, they are happy.

She was pleased with the phone call she received.


To promise is to say you will do something for sure.

He promised to return my key by tomorrow.


To reply is to give an answer or say back to someone.

She asked him what time his meeting was. He replied, “at three.”


When a person is safe, they are not in danger.

Put on your seat belt in the car to be safe.


A trick is something you do to fool another person.

 His card trick really surprised us.


You use well to say that something was done in a good way.

 The couple can dance quite well.

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