Through Knowledge And Growth We Can Give


Through Knowledge And Growth We Can Give

    1st week

      1.    Abound:           

             existing in a great number

     2.     Annals:    

             historical records

     3.     Automaton:    

            machine that behaves like a person / a robot

     4.     Badger

            to continually nag / to pester / to annoy persistently

     5.     Compound:        

            to add to / to increase

     6.     Drudgery:     

             dull , difficult work

     7.     Eminent:  

             of outstanding reputation

     8.     Implore:

             beg for assistance / to plead urgently for aid or mercy

     9.     Indiscriminate

            carelessly chosen

    10.  Interminable:  


    11.   Matron:  

            a mature woman / an older married woman

    12.   Paradox:    

            seeming self-contradictory situation

    13.   Perceive:   

             to come to have understanding of

    14.   Prognosticate:

             to be able to tell what will happen in the future / foretell

    15.   Realm

             someone’s special field

    16.  Replete:

             completely filled / supplied with

    17.   Steeped:

             to be completely soaked / drenched / saturated  in something

    18.  Technology:

             related to science of engineering

    19.   Tinge:

             small amount of

    20.   Voracious:       

             desiring huge amount



        1. to eat humble pie :  

                   admit to defeat/ to admit your error and apologize

        2.  a pig in a poke:   

                      an item you purchase without having seen

        3. a flash in the pan :   

                  a star today, a flop tomorrow

       4. to pour oil on troubled waters: 

                  to try to make peace

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