Through Knowledge And Growth We Can Give


Through Knowledge And Growth We Can Give

Endangered Animals

  Today, there are some endangered animals on Earth. It means that we can find only a few of them around us. Some examples are whales, pandas , tigers and Asian elephants. 

   Humans destroy the natural homes of the animals in the forests, lakes, and plains. When the number of people on Earth increases, they need more places for living. They cut trees and destroy lakes. They make homes and roads instead. Then the animals won’t have a place to live. They will die out.

  The Iranian cheetah is among these animals. This wild animal lives only in the plains of Iran. Now there are only a few Iranian cheetahs alive. If people take care of them, there is hope for this beautiful animal to live. 

  Recently, families are paying more attention to nature, students learn about saving wildlife, and some hunters don’t go hunting anymore. Hopefully, the number of cheetahs is going to increase in the future.


 Tomorrow I will travel to Africa. I will go to a hot and dry country. I will stay in a hotel near a lake. I will travel to many places and visit people and animals. I will learn many things there.

 Nowadays, many people are taking care of nature. They pay more attention to our world. Hopefully, we won’t lose any plants and animals and we will have enough food in the future. The animals won’t lose their natural homes and they will live longer. In this way, we will have a happy life.

- Alice and Kate will go to the library tomorrow.

- Ted will fly to Australia next Monday.


- The children will not play in the yard.

- I won’t be here tomorrow.


- Will our family buy a new car next year?

- Will Reza have an exam on Monday?

-They are going to buy a house soon. They have enough money.

- Look at the sky! It’s going to rain.

- Alice is free tonight. She’s going to read some poems.

- Reza is not going to watch TV tonight. The program is very boring.

- We are not going to destroy nature. We take care of wildlife.

Simple Future

There are several ways to express the future. 

Let’s see two of those ways.

1. With the modal WILL  


We use the modal WILL + the base form of the main verb for:

1. Predictions

You will get married and have 10 children!

2. Quick decisions

I will have another cup of coffee, please!

3. Promises

Ok! I will call you tomorrow.

We use BE GOING TO + the base form of the main verb for:

 1. Plans / Intentions.

I am going to practice hard to become a professional soccer player!


 2. Predictions based on clear signs

Look at those clouds! It is going to rain!


Read the following paragraph and choose the best verb forms.

        Alfredo is an Italian tourist. He lives / will live in Rome. He likes will like to travel and see different places of the world. He takes/will take photos especially from animals. Next month, he and his wife travel/will travel to Iran. They go/will go to Tooran Plain to see animals. They are hopeful to see Persian zebra, Iranian cheetah, Persian leopard and gazelle.

       After two weeks,they visit / will visit some beautiful cities in Iran.

Fill in the blanks with correct form of Will and Be Going To

1.    A: Why are you holding a piece of paper? 

B: I (write)___________ a letter to my friends back home in Texas.

2.   A: I'm about to fall asleep. I need to wake up!

      B: I (get)_________ you a cup of coffee. That will wake you up.

3.  A: I can't hear the television! 
     B: I (turn) __________ it up so you can hear it.

4.  We are so excited about our trip next month to France. 
     We (visit) ___________Paris and Nice. 

5.    A: It is so hot in here!
B: I (turn)________ the air conditioning on.
6.  I think he (be)_________ the next President of the United States.
7.  I am ___________to work in ten minutes.
8.  I guess I ____________stay home tonight.

9.  I________be in Texas next week.

نظرات (۰)

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ارسال نظر

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