Through Knowledge And Growth We Can Give


Through Knowledge And Growth We Can Give

Comedy Shows

I like to watch…..

Sitcoms /Cartoons/ Improvisational comedy routines / Stand Up comedy shows

Why do you like comedy?

It is humorous / It can be quite innovative and original


I enjoy…..

Soap operas / Detective series /Crime /  forensic series / Teen drama / Horror shows / Suspense series

Vampire diaries / Mini Series / Made-for-television movies / Reality shows

Why do you like drama?

It keeps me entertained / I find it captivating and I get hooked on particular shows

It is a form of escapism. I like to imagine what would be like to live in a different place or a different time

Current Affairs

I keep up to date with…….

News features / Chat shows / Opinion shows /Topical shows / Debate programs

Why do you enjoy current affairs shows?

They are informative. / They get me thinking about important issues. / 

I like to hear different views from experts.


I enjoy….

Scientific programs / History programs / Wildlife shows / Travel shows

Why do you enjoy educational shows?

They help broaden my knowledge of certain issues.

I like the technology used to recreate different historic periods.

I am an arm-chair traveler. I like to watch travel shows in my living room and imagine I am in another place.

When we are talking about TV programs with our friends we can use phrases such as… 

“My favorite program of all is…” /  “I love watching…”  / “I adore watching…” 

“I hate watching…”  / “I can’t bear watching…”  / “That program keeps me on the edge of my seat” 

“I can’t bear to miss an episode of…”  / “The special effects are…”  /

 “I missed last night’s episode. Can you tell me what happened?” 

We can ask our friends’ opinions 

“What did you think about..?”     / “Could you believe what happened last night in..?” 

“Did you understand the ending of..?”   / “What was going on in..?” 

There are lots of adjectives we can use to describe TV programs and what we think about them

“Scary”   “Interesting”  “Fascinating”  “Great fun”  “Funny”  “Absorbing”  “Exciting”   “Depressing” 

“Sad”   “Uplifting”   “Boring”   “Realistic”  “Amazing”  “Unrealistic”  “Soppy”  “Enthralling”  “Addictive”  

“Stimulating”    "Thought-provoking” 

Think about the TV shows that you’ve seen. Which of the following descriptions would you use? 

“I think soaps are boring.” /   “In my opinion, news and weather programs are usually depressing.” 

“Most sports programs send me to sleep, but I quite enjoy watching tennis and snooker.” 

“I love comedies – I always feel optimistic and happier after having a good laugh.” 

“I find wildlife documentaries totally absorbing and thought-provoking. “ 

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