Through Knowledge And Growth We Can Give


Through Knowledge And Growth We Can Give

                                                           The Dragon (Audio File) 

 An evil dragon lived in a castle in the remote southern mountains. One day the monster landed in a town. The dragon commanded the people, “Give me food now, or I will eat you!” The dragon lifted its wings so that its lungs could be completely filled with hot steam,  and breathed it upon the people. A man turned into a stone statue ! The people submitted and brought food. The dragon ate all of it and left. The people sent a boy to ask for help from a wise old  man. He resided in a temple.

The boy told the old man about the dragon. Then, the old man counseled the boy. “A meteor will fall in the northern sky. It will  make a huge explosion. Find the meteor and bring it to me. I will use it to make a sword for you.” The boy did as the old man said. 

Soon, the sword was ready. “ Use this to kill the dragon. But be careful. You must cover yourself with weeds that smell bad. That will ensure that he does not  smell you,” the man said. The boy traveled for many days to find the castle. He went to the upper level and opened a door. He could see the dragon’s tail. It was sleeping, so the boy killed it. Then, he took the dragon’s gold and jewelry and returned to his town. The people were happy.

Answer the questions.

1. What is this story about?

a. How a dragon met a boy                b. Why dragons live in castles

c. Why a boy killed an evil dragon       d. How a boy found a remote place

2. How did the dragon turn the people into statues?

a. It breathed steam on them.            b. It hit them with its wings.

c. It covered them with weeds.           d. It touched them with its tail.

3. What can be assumed about the old man?

a. He enjoyed commanding the townspeople.       

b. He resided in the temple all his life.

c. Other dragons submitted to him in the past. 

d. He counseled the townspeople when they had trouble.

4. According to the passage, all of the following are true EXCEPT

a. a meteor fell in the northern sky        b. a boy killed the dragon with a golden sword

c. a boy took the dragon’s jewelry         d. a dragon lived in the southern mountains

5. How did the boy ensure that the dragon would not smell him?

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