Through Knowledge And Growth We Can Give


Through Knowledge And Growth We Can Give

Place & date of birth

Where were you born?

I was born in Chicago but I was brought up in Baltimore.

When were you born?

I was born in 1980.

When is your birthday?

It's July fifth / It is in June. / It is on fifth of July.

Marital Status

Are you married?

Yes. I am / No, I'm not. I'm single.

I'm divorced / a widow / a widower.

We are husband and wife.

When did you get married?

How long have you been married?

My brother married a Spanish girl. / got married to a Spanish girl.

My brother is married to a Spanish girl.

Will you marry me?

John and Marry are a newly-married couple.

Alice is engaged to Tom.

That girl is my brother's fiancee'.

That man is my sister's fiance'.

Tom has proposed to Pat. / Tom has asked Pat to marry him.

She got divorced last year.

Jim divorced his wife.

I don’t want to get a divorce. 



What's your job? / What are you? / What do you do?

I'm a mechanic.

What's your occupation/ profession?

What do you do for a living?

I'm a government employee / civil servant.

I work for a manufacturing company.

I'm self-employed./ I'm a civil engineer. / I'm a businessman.I'm a language teacher.I teach English. / I'm a tutor.

I'm retired. /I'm unemployed / out of work. / I'm between jobs.

I will retire next year.

I work full time / part time.

I work on shifts / I work different shifts.

I work on the night shift.

How many hours a day do you work?

I work 8 hours a day.

How many days a week do you work?

What time does your work begin / end?

Work begins at 8:00 and ends at 4:30.

I work every other day.

I'm working overtime today.

I have Thursdays and Fridays off.

Where do you work?

Who do you work for?

Who do you work with?

Where's your office?

Which floor do you work on?

How much do you earn?

How much is your salary?

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