Through Knowledge And Growth We Can Give


Through Knowledge And Growth We Can Give



First Listen to the people. (audio file)


Then try to answer these questions:


Where are the people and what are they doing?


Picture A:

Two women are in a a street. They are talking together.

Picture B:

A girl is talking with her classmate on the phone. She is sitting behind a desk in a room.  

Picture C:

A man is in a restaurant. He works there. He is talking on the phone with a customer. 

Picture D:

Two people are in Lina's party. They are shaking hands and introducing each other.

Picture E:

There are two women in an institute. One of them is filling out a form.

Picture F:

I can see a man and a woman in the hotel. A woman is receptionist and the man is a passenger.


In picture A,

Two friends meet each other after a long time. They greet each other. Then they decide to have coffee.


In Picture B, 

Lina was absent in her English class on Friday.She calls her friend Martha. She wants to know the homework.

Martha says "I'm not at home now " Then she says" I will e-mail it to you"


In picture C,

A woman wants to make a reservation for dinner in a restaurant. The man in the picture, works in the restaurant. He asks " For how many people?" and "what time?" 

the woman answers that they are 4 people and they come at 7 o'clock.


In picture D,

 A man and a woman are in a party. They are greeting each other. The man is Lina' brother and the woman doesn't know. Then she introduces herself. Her name is Anna.


In picture E,

A girl wants to register for English class. She is in level 6 because last semester she was in level 5. Then she tells her name and e-mail address.


In picture F,

A man is checking-in in a hotel.He has a reservation in the hotel. He introduces himself to the receptionist.



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