Through Knowledge And Growth We Can Give


Through Knowledge And Growth We Can Give

 There  was a bad storm in our city last night. a lot of rain fell in a very short time, and the wind blew very hard. I went outdoors so that I could watch the storm. The wind broke some windows of our house and it blew one of our trees over. The tree fell into the street and stopped the traffic for a long time. I was afraid during the storm. I was inside the house because of the noise and because I was wet. The rain stopped after an hour and everyone went out again. I stayed indoors.However , because the weather was so changable.

1-During the bad storm, I left my room and went out ...... .

a) stop the rain    b) blow the wind   c) close the doors    d) watch the storm

2) There was heavy traffic for a while because ....... .

a) the policemen weren't there    b) the tree fell into the street  

c) all the windows were broken  d) everyone went outside to stop the traffic   

3) I came back inside some time later because I ........

a) wanted to call my friend    b) was wet   3) was afraid of the traffic  d)  was noisy

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