Through Knowledge And Growth We Can Give


Through Knowledge And Growth We Can Give

1          Read the text. What does Karen say? Underline the correct words.

Roommate wanted

Hi. My name is Karen Dunhill. I live here in Davis. I want a roommate to share my house.

I’m 22 years old. I’m not married and I don’t have children. I have two cats.

I have a big kitchen. I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home. I don’t eat meat. I don’t eat eggs or drink milk. I eat fruit, vegetables, pasta, rice, bread, and other things. I eat kimchi and other Korean vegetable dishes. I have coffee in the morning.

I am a student. I have classes in the morning. I’m home at noon. At a quarter after one, I go to my part-time job. I work at a restaurant.

On weekends, I read, listen to music, see friends and family, and study. I don’t watch TV. I don’t have a TV. I watch movies on my computer.

Are you a woman between 18 and 30 years old? Do you want to live in a nice house with a nice roommate? Do you want to live with cats? Do you have a job? I speak Spanish. A roommate from Mexico, Ecuador, Spain, or another Spanish-speaking country is OK! Please call me! My phone number is 555-6623.


Example: I am 22 / 25 years old.


1   I am / am not married.

2   I have / don’t have a big kitchen.

3   I eat meat / pasta.

4   I work at a school / a restaurant.

5   I watch movies on my computer / my TV.

6   Please email / call me.


2   Read the text again and choose the correct answer to the questions.

Example: What is Karen’s last name?

A  Davis        B  Dennis          C  Dunhill    ü     

1   What does Karen want?

     A  a roommate          B  a boyfriend         C  a husband

2   Who lives with Karen?

     A  her mother          B  her children          C  two cats         

3   Where does Karen eat lunch?

     A  at school         B  at home         

C at work        

4   When does Karen have classes?

     A  in the morning          B  in the afternoon          C  at night         

5   What time does Karen go to her job?

     A  at 12:45          B  at 1:15          C  at 1:30         

6   Where does Karen work?

     A  at a school          B  at an office         

C  at a restaurant         

7   What does Karen do on weekends?

     A  She watches TV.          B  She works.          C  She sees friends and family.         

8   What doesn’t Karen have?

     A  a TV          B  a car          C  a computer         

9   What language does Karen speak?

     A  French          B  Korean          C  Spanish          

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