Through Knowledge And Growth We Can Give


Through Knowledge And Growth We Can Give

1   Read the text and match the names in the box to the descriptions.

My family

Hi! My name’s Ian Haig and I’m from Vancouver in Canada. I’m not from the United States – I’m Canadian! I have a big family. My father’s name is Gordon and he’s 50. My mother is 45. Her name’s Anna and she’s very nice. 

My mother’s Scottish but her mother and father are Italian. They’re from Milan. I have three sisters. Their names are Rosie, Jenny, and Valeria. Valeria is an Italian name. Rosie is 26. She’s tall and her hair is black. She’s married. Her husband’s name is Tom and he’s very tall. Jenny and Valeria are 24, but Jenny is tall and her hair is short, and Valeria is short and her hair is long!

We have a big, new house and an old car. It’s slow and cheap, and very small! But it’s OK! My mother and father are very short!

Me? Well, I’m 21, I’m not tall, and my hair is short and brown. I’m not married. My girlfriend’s name is Lucy. She’s tall and she has short, dark hair. She’s American, and she’s very nice, too!


         Ian  Anna   Lucy   Tom   Valeria   Jenny   Gordon   Rosie


Example:     He’s short, twenty-one, and Scottish.   Ian

1   She’s tall and American and she has short hair.     ________

2   She’s short and Scottish, but her mother’s Italian. ________

3   She’s tall, twenty-six, and married.                        ________

4   He’s short, Scottish, and fifty.                               ________

5   She isn’t tall and she isn’t married.                        ________

6   He’s tall and he’s married.                                     ________

7   She’s twenty-four and tall.                                     ________



2   Read the text again and complete the answers to the questions.

Example: A  What is Ian’s last name?

             B  It’s Haig.

1   Where is Ian from?

     He’s from ________.

2   What is Ian’s father’s name?

     It’s ________.

3   How old is Ian’s mother?

     She’s ________.

4   Where is Anna’s mother from?

     She’s from ________.

5   What are Jenny’s sisters’ names?

     Their names are ________.

6   What is Rosie’s husband’s name?

     His name is ________.

7   Is their car fast and expensive?

     No, it’s ________.

8   Where is Ian’s girlfriend from?

     She’s from ________.




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