Through Knowledge And Growth We Can Give


Through Knowledge And Growth We Can Give

Read the text and complete the sentences with the correct name or names.

In business with mom and dad

Bob Wright and his wife Diane are from Chicago but they live in San Francisco with their daughters Gina and Molly, and their son Jack. Gina is 21 and Molly is 22. Jack is 19.

Bob has a big coffee shop in San Francisco. Customers drink coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. They eat sandwiches and read newspapers and magazines. The sandwiches are very good. They are big and they are cheap. Bob isn’t the only person in his family in the restaurant business. He has two business partners and they are his daughters!

Gina works in the kitchen. Molly is good with people. She speaks to the customers. Gina and Molly always work long days. They start work at seven fifteen in the morning and they finish late at night. They usually eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at work.

Bob’s son is a university student and he doesn’t want a job in the coffee shop. He wants a job in an office. He doesn’t live near the coffee shop, but he works there sometimes on weekends.


Example: Bob and Diane are from Chicago.


1   ________________ is Diane’s husband.

2   ________________ is Gina’s sister.

3   ________________ work in the coffee shop.

4   ________________ works in the kitchen.

5   ________________ doesn’t live near the coffee shop.

6   ________________ works at the coffee shop on weekends.


2   Read the text again and choose the correct answer to the questions.

Example: What is Bob’s last name?

A  Wright   ü     B  Molly          C  Coffee         

1   Where do Bob and Diane live?

     A  in Chicago          B  in San Francisco         C  in New York         

2   How old is Molly?

     A  nineteen          B  twenty          C  twenty-two         

3   How many children do Bob and Diane have?

     A  one          B  two          C three         

4   What do people drink in Bob’s coffee shop?

     A  coffee and hot chocolate          B  tea and soda          C  coffee and juice         

5   What do people eat in Bob’s coffee shop?

     A  sandwiches          B  fruit          C  cookies         

6   Who are Bob’s business partners?

     A  his three children          B  his daughters      C  his friends         

7   What does Molly do in the coffee shop?

     A  She talks to people on the phone.          B  She makes sandwiches.          C  She works in the kitchen.

8   When does Gina start work?

     A  at 7 o’clock          B  at a quarter to seven          C  at a quarter after seven         

9   Where does Jack want to work?

     A  in the coffee shop          B  in an office          C  at a university         


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