Through Knowledge And Growth We Can Give


Through Knowledge And Growth We Can Give


1   Read Sandra’s letter and underline the correct words.

Dear Ronald,

I’m going to go camping in the mountains next month. I’m going to go alone. I’m going to take my cell phone, of course. I’m not going to call my friends, but I’m going to text my family every morning. My phone has a camera, so I’m also going to take a lot of pictures. I’m going to send pictures to my family with my text messages.

I’m not going to take any books or magazines. I’m going to take a map of the park. I’m going to camp in the campgrounds. I want to make new friends there. I’m going to take water, and I’m going to get more at the campgrounds. Water is free at the campground. Camping costs $8.00 a night. I’m going to sleep in a tent. I’m not going to buy anything. I’m going to take all my food with me.

I’m not going to have any trouble. I went camping alone last May. It was great. I’m going to leave on June 14th, and I’m going to come back on the 30th, so I’m going to be gone for two weeks.



Example: Sandra is going to go camping on the beach / in the mountains


1   She is going to go alone / with friends.

2   She is / isn’t going to call her friends.

3   She’s going to send email / text messages to her family. 

4   She is going to take a book / a map.

5   She is going to get food / water at the campgrounds.

6   She is going to be there for two / three weeks.


2   Read the text again and choose the correct answer to the questions.

Example: Where is Sandra going to sleep?

A  at the campgrounds   ü     B  in hotels          C  in the car         

1   When is she going to go camping?

     A  next week          B  next month         C  next year

2   What is Sandra going to send her family?

     A  postcards and text messages          B  email and photos          C text messages and photos        

3   Where is she going to get water?

     A  from the river         B  from a lake         

C at the campgrounds        

4   How much does water cost?

     A  a dollar          B  it’s free          C  eight dollars         

5   What is Sandra going to pay for?

     A  food          B  maps          C  a place to camp          

6   What does Sandra want to do at the campgrounds?

     A  make new friends          B  buy food          C  send email         

7   When did Sandra go camping alone before?

     A  last May          B  last June          C  last July         

8   When is she going to leave?

     A  June 4th          B  June 14th          C  June 30th         

9   When is she going to come back?

            A  June 4th         B  June 14th         C  June 30th  

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