Through Knowledge And Growth We Can Give


Through Knowledge And Growth We Can Give

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Place & date of birth

Where were you born?

I was born in Chicago but I was brought up in Baltimore.

When were you born?

I was born in 1980.

When is your birthday?

It's July fifth / It is in June. / It is on fifth of July.

A: This cake is yummy.

B: You said it!


A: Can you hear me back here?

B: No, we can't. Will you speak up a little?


A: I think Linda is jealous of you, because you are the top student.

B: Please! She's my best friend. I don’t want to talk behind her back.


A: Why was Toby fired?

B: The boss asked him to be more punctual but he talked back to him / he answered him back.


A: Will you talk to the boss about my salary?

B: No, I won't. If you are not happy with your salary, step into his room and say it right to his face.


A: You know Mr.Brown, I can't make ends meet with my present salary.

B: In other words, you want a pay raise.


A: You think I'm doing a foolish thing but I'm still determined to quit.

B: Mark my words. You will soon regret leaving this company.


A: I think you are jealous of me.

B: You shouldn’t say that to me. I'll make you eat your words.


A: Excuse me, ma'am. Can I have a word with you before the class starts?

B: Sure, I'm all ears.


A: I want to tell you something but I don’t know how to put it.

B: Please feel free. Speak your mind.


A: Come in Larry. Did you want to talk to me?

B: Yes. I know you are in hurry, so I'll get right to the point.


A: There's something I want to discuss with you.

B: Ok. Come into my office so we can talk it over.


A: What kind of teacher is Mr.Brown?

B: I personally don’t know him but his students speak highly of him.


A: What's the capital of Finland?

B: The capital of Finland.., uh, I know it. Gosh! It's on the tip of my tongue.


A: Are you planning to go abroad to continue your studies?

B: To be honest with you, yes. But don’t tell a soul. Keep it between us.


A: You've been jobless for about six months. Why don’t you look for a job?

B: Finding a good job is easier said than done.



A: You looked thrilled. What's up?

B: I got my scholarship. I'm so happy about it. I don’t know how to put my feelings into it.


A: I'm annoyed with my boss. He hasn’t given me a pay raise in two years.

B: If it bothers you so much, why don’t you bring up the subject with him?



A: You look worried. What's the matter?

B: To cut a long story short, I'm having a serious problem with my boss.


A: I want to talk to Barbara and persuade her to go back to college.

B: Don’t waste your breath. She won't take your advice.


A: Did you enjoy your conversation with Mr.Williams?

B: Not really. She's a real windbag. She talked my head off.


A: I'm very upset with Joan. You can never tell her a secret without her spreading it around.

B: Yeah. She has a big mouth.


A: I want to tell you something but it's only between you and me.

B: Don’t worry. I won't breathe a word of it to anyone.


A: I'm not prepared to speak in front of so many people.

B: It doesn’t matter. You can speak off the cuff pretty well.


A: Professor Smith is very knowledgeable.

B: You can say that again! He's the best professor I've ever had.


A: Let's speak frankly about problem. We're just avoiding the issue.

B: Ok. Let's call a spade a spade.


A: Ok. We have business to discuss and we haven’t got much time.

B: Yes. Let's talk turkey

1. Do you have a TV set <p class = tooltip2><b>TV set</b> (level: intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>a television set (device)</p><p class = tooltip2><i>We need a new TV set. The old one has broken down recently.</i></p> at home?

2. If so, how many TV channels <p class = tooltip2><b>TV channel</b> (level: intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>TV station</p><p class = tooltip2><i>The only TV channels she watches are about fashion.</i></p> do you have at home? Do you need all of them?

3. What is your favorite <p class = tooltip2><b>favourite</b> (level: pre-intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>best liked</p><p class = tooltip2><i>My favourite colour is green.</i></p> TV channel? Why?

4. What is the worst TV channel? Why?

5. How often do you watch TV?

6. Is TV popular in your country? Does this popularity grow <p class = tooltip2><b>to grow</b> (level: intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>increase, become bigger or more advanced</p><p class = tooltip2><i>The number of people getting addicted to smoking or drinking has grown considerably.</i></p> or decline <p class = tooltip2><b>to decline</b> (level: upper intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>decrease</p><p class = tooltip2><i>Unfortunately, the number of healthy, natural food products in our shops declines.</i></p>?

7. What kind of TV programs <p class = tooltip2><b>TV program</b> (level: intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>a broadcast on TV (or radio)</p><p class = tooltip2><i>Music shows are my favourite TV programs.</i></p> do you usually watch?

8. Do you like watching TV shows <p class = tooltip2><b>TV show</b> (level: intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>a  spectacular TV program that intends to entertain people</p><p class = tooltip2><i>There are too many TV shows on TV now and I’m getting bored with them.</i></p>? If so, what is your favorite one?

9. Do you like watching TV shows that are aimed at <p class = tooltip2><b>to be aimed at</b> (level: upper intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>to be intended (directed) at particular purpose (effect)</p><p class = tooltip2><i>Don’t believe advertisers. They are aimed only at getting your money.</i></p> discovering and showing people’s talents? If so, what is your favorite one?

10. Do you like watching TV shows with celebrities <p class = tooltip2><b>celebrity</b> (level: upper intermediate)</p><p class = tooltip2>a person who is famous, e.g. a singer or an actor</p><p class = tooltip2><i>Celebrities must find it extremely annoying to be observed all the time.</i></p>? If so, what is your favorite one?


Nearly everyone has heard of the signs of the zodiac, mostly through “sun-sign astrology” columns, where the signs are taken as major determinants of the personality. These signs are generally linked to the date a person was born. Each sign has different personality traits which proponents claim are found in people who have that Zodiac sign.

It is not unusual for you to find your Zodiac sign and see more than two or three traits which describe your personality. For this reason, many tend to believe it completely. Daily horoscopes on the other hand is another thing entirely. They predict the event(s) that people with particular zodiac signs will encounter daily.